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Study and work in Australia on Student Visa
Posted on: 08 Apr 2014  |   Tags: , ,

Are international students in Australia allowed to work? Yes, international students in Australia on student visa are allowed to work in Australia. Even dependants of Australia student visa holder are also allowed to work in the country.

Study and work in AustraliaOverseas students pursuing education in Australia are automatically allowed to work and do not need to apply particularly to take up a job. Students are allowed to work only after their course commences and not prior to that.

Weekly how many hours a student is allowed to work?

Students in Australia can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their course time. However, they are permitted to work full time during vacation time. This is very much useful to students who come to Australia with no financial and scholarship assistance.

Students receiving partial scholarships need to check with their universities if they are allowed to take up a job with partial scholarships. As per the university norms, students receiving scholarships may or may not be allowed to take on paid work.

Students who are receiving scholarships from private organization must check with concerned authorities if they are allowed to work in such a scenario.

What is the type of work a student can do?

Finding part-time job is no difficult in Australia. Overseas students who are industrious should be able to find good campus job effortlessly.

Universities will assist overseas students to search for part-time on campus that are expected to be non-professional in nature like marketing, sales, retail store staff, waiter and etc.

Below are some of the part-time job opportunities a student is allowed to work in,

  • Retail: Retail stores and Supermarkets
  • Tourism: motels and hotels
  • Hospitality: bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Telemarketing and Sales
  • Agricultural: fruit picking and farming
  • Coaching or teaching school students
  • Administration Jobs

Apart from part-time jobs there are also numerous paid internships available to international students in Australia. Internships either professional or academic are extremely valuable for overseas students. Paid internships are offered by many companies in various fields and students can get internationals exposure by taking part in these part-time courses.

The best source to find part-time jobs or internships is through online or local newspapers. Students can also get assistance from recruiting agencies in find the suitable jobs.

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