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  • US visa requirements for Indians
    Posted on : 17 Apr 2014  |  Category:
    United Sates is considered as a terrain of opportunities. An Indian citizen wishing to enter US either for the sake of studying or for work should essentially obtain a visa satisfying all the US visa requirements. One.... Read More
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  • Financial requirements for Indian visa applicants eased by Australia
    Posted on : 14 Apr 2014  |  Category:
    Australia has revised visa and immigration rules such as eased financial requirements that are required for visa applicants particularly affecting international students from high risk countries like Pakistan, China and India. Read More
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  • Students pursuing Higher Education in Australia increases
    Posted on : 11 Apr 2014  |  Category:
    In the year 2013, the new number of students enrolled for Australian higher education increased 8% to 95,729. And the number of students from china also increased 5% to 38,681. Read More
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  • US the most preferred destination for international students
    Posted on : 10 Apr 2014  |  Category:
    The US is the most preferred destination for international education. Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the next best destinations, due to easier visa norms and good numbers of scholarships are awarded for Indian students. On the other hand, the UK has witnessed a drop in the international students. Read More
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  • Study shows UK Graduates are most employable
    Posted on : 09 Apr 2014  |  Category:
    A study shows that four of the world’s six top universities are from UK: the University of Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College of London and the Oxford University.  King’s College London and King’s College London are also made in to the top 20 list. Record of six universities from UK listed in the top 20 global universities. It shows the higher education standards continue to rise in the UK. Within the European continent, seven universities from UK are listed .... Read More
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